Our Hybrid Battery Rejuvenation Process

We remove the battery pack from the vehicle and partially disassemble the battery pack. We then thoroughly test every cell in the battery pack and if any bad cells are found, they are replaced (we typically find 1-2 bad cells). We then clean the battery and all connectors. Once the battery pack is reassembled and installed back in the vehicle, we go through a series of battery charges and discharges at a very specific level of voltage to rejuvenate the battery pack. Our work is guaranteed for 2yrs, 24,000 miles.

At AutoCraft, we live and breathe hybrids.
We service hybrids of all makes and models, as well as electric vehicles. We do a motor generator, inverter, and high voltage battery diagnosis, repair, and service. We do hybrid battery pack rejuvenation on most popular hybrids and each one is a labor of love, and every detail is obsessed over.

How do I know if my battery needs rejuvenated?

The first indication of decreased battery performance is a reduction in fuel economy and diminished vehicle performance. The vehicle does not get the same fuel mileage that it used to and it feels sluggish. This can last for several months as the battery weakens and fuel economy/performance progressively decreases.

The second warning that your hybrid battery is failing is called negative battery recalibrations. This is initially seen when parking the car for a few days or overnight. Just before the vehicle is parked, the dash battery display shows a full or near full hybrid battery. When the car is started the next morning (or a few mornings later) the battery display shows an empty or near empty battery. This is a clear sign of a weak battery that needs attention soon. If ignored, the battery will soon progress to the point of failure. If treated with a battery rejuvenation before the battery degrades further, the success rate for recovering the pack and restoring it to a good operating condition is nearly 100%.

The third and final warning the vehicle displays of a failing hybrid battery is negative recalibrations that occur while the vehicle is being operated. These recalibrations often occur on warm days or when idling the vehicle for longer periods (such as waiting for a parking spot or railroad crossing). Ignoring these symptoms for more than a few weeks will result in the battery displaying a failure code and being stranded on the side of the road. If treated with a battery rejuvenation as soon as these symptoms become present, the success rate for recovering the pack and restoring it to a good operating condition is nearly 90%.

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